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Catch basins are invaluable assets for any property, but they’re especially useful for properties with areas that are more prone to flooding. For those of you who don’t know, a catch basin is a concrete box with a grated entrances that is set in the ground at a low point. This helps drain water away from the property in an efficient, clog-free way. Be prepared for whatever life throws at you by contacting us at Premier Asphalt & Concrete in Columbus and getting your catch basin today!

A Concrete Catch Basin Can Provide A Number Of Great Benefits To Your Property.

Benefits of adding a concrete catch basin to your property include:

  • They protect your home or business from flooding.
  • They can be installed quickly and easily.
  • Catch basins effectively catch debris that would otherwise clog drainage systems.
  • Catch basins can be a custom size to meet your property’s needs.
  • Catch basins boost the value of your home or business.

At Premier Asphalt & Concrete in Columbus, we can custom pour a concrete catch basin to meet your exact budget and needs. Reach out to us today for your free estimate!


Columbus Catch Basins

Manage Stormwater Runoff Successfully With A Concrete Catch Basin From Premier Asphalt & Concrete.

These basins prevent flooding and clogs, allowing you to protect your property from the elements, even in the event of a major storm. We have the experience and tools necessary to install a catch basin quickly and precisely, allowing you to get back to business as usual in no time at all.

We start with an inspection of your property and propose potential spots for your catch basin based on any problem areas or potential flooding risks that need to be addressed. From there, we work with you to determine the right budget and deadline to meet your needs. Once everything has been decided, we get to work. Concrete is easy to pour and takes little time to mix, meaning we can finish your project quickly and efficiently.

What Exactly Is A Catch Basin?

Catch basins are also sometimes known as storm drains. They are an essential part of any drainage system and help move water away from the foundation of the property or other areas that may be prone to flooding. They generally consist of a concrete box with a small opening covered by a grate. They are commonly seen on many streets and curbs but come in all shapes and sizes. The grate serves to filter out very large objects from entering the box and clogging the system. Once the water and other, smaller debris enters the catch basin, the heavier debris sinks to the bottom and is trapped. The water then rises up to a level where it can flow through a pipe leading away from the property. These pipes are often connected to large plumbing and sewer systems that lead water treatment plants, streams, or other safe water outlets.

Why Should I Install A Catch Basin?

A catch basin can help protect your home, business, or other property from water damage. There may be other drainage systems in place, but they can not always keep up with the drainage demands in more severe situations like large rainstorms. A catch basin is a simple and affordable solution for both existing and new properties to add extra protection against flooding. They’re something that you may not often think about, but you will certainly be grateful that you have one when you need it.

If you are interested in having our team at Premier Asphalt & Concrete in Columbus help you with a catch basin, reach out to us today! We have years of experience pouring concrete and would be happy to help you protect your property from water damage.

Why Work With Premier Asphalt & Concrete In Columbus?

You may be wondering why you should choose our concrete contractors over other contractors in the area. At Premier Asphalt & Concrete in Columbus, we are a cut above the rest because:

  • We have earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • We offer more than a decade of concrete contractor experience
  • We are dedicated to not cutting corners and providing high-quality services
  • We are completely customer-service oriented, your experience means everything to us
  • We proudly offer free quotes and estimates so you know exactly what you can expect

Want to learn more about why you should choose our concrete contractors to pour your catch basin? Reach out to us today to learn more.

What Are The Benefits Of A Catch Basin?

We touched on some of the benefits that our clients see from installing a catch basin above. Here, we can expand on those benefits and go into a bit more detail.

Prevent Flooding

It’s never a bad idea to add more efficient and robust drainage capabilities to your home or business. When you have a catch basin poured, you’ll notice significantly better drainage with little to no water pooling anywhere on your property near the drain.

Quick Installation

Our team has vast experience doing quick, quality work when it comes to concrete pouring. Catch basins are an affordable drainage option that takes very little time to install!

Catch Debris

Because of the unique design that catch basins have, they trap and collect debris that would clog less capable drainage systems. This is another way that catch basins help to prevent flooding — they don’t clog nearly as easily as other drains.

Premier Asphalt & Concrete

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